Pontes Family Recipes

I took an electronic publishing class at Emerson College in the Autumn of 2018, in which I learned HTML and CSS coding, as well as e-book creation. For my final project I created a family recipes website, which I entirely hand-coded, using the web design skills I learned in the class. Pontes Family Recipes was my first web design project, and since creating it I have continued to develop my coding abilities for the design of my personal website and other digital projects. Pontes Family Recipes is viewable here.

screenshot of the homepage for Pontes Family Recipes website

My electronic publishing class placed great emphasis on accessibility of digital content, and how to code with this in mind. I learned about the importance of including descriptive alt-text when coding images, so that people with vision-related disabilities will be able to know what an image depicts. I also learned about why using semantic tags is crucial in making websites more navigable for people using screen-readers. When I’m coding, I strive to be conscientious of the various ways in which differently-abled people access digital content. Though my coding skills are not perfect and I still have much to improve upon concerning accessibility, I am continuing to learn more so that I can make my digital projects as accessible as possible for everyone.