Europe Photos

a small castle perched on a grassy cliff overlooking the sea on a bright, clear dayThe Cliffs of Moher | County Clare, Ireland, 2017
the outside of The George pub, which has colorful stained glass windows and a red neon signThe George pub | Dublin, Ireland, 2017
an arching, medieval door, painted a vibrant shade of blue, at Saint Patrick's CathedralSaint Patrick’s Cathedral | Dublin, Ireland, 2017
the Long Room in the Old Library at Trinity CollegeThe Long Room at Trinity College | Dublin, Ireland, 2017
a kilt shop on an upward curving, cobblestoned roadA kilt shop on Victoria St. | Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017
the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, comprising towering gothic archesHolyrood Abbey | Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017
an old stone bridge spanning a road between two buildingsA Roman bridge | Rome, Italy, 2017
a marble elephant statue in the foreground, and in the background an orange building with an Italian flagRepublic | Florence, Italy, 2017
a side view of the Colosseum washed in bright sunlightThe Colosseum | Rome, Italy, 2017
a close-up view of the Duomo in FlorenceThe Duomo | Florence, Italy, 2017
the Colosseum at night with its arches illuminated in gold light, and a crescent moon visible in the black skyMidnight at the Colosseum | Rome, Italy, 2017
the ornate dome inside the PantheonStanding inside the Pantheon | Rome, Italy,
a man playing guitar beneath a stone archway in Park GuellMusic in Park Guell | Barcelona, Spain, 2017
the ornate facade of the Cathedral of BarcelonaCathedral of Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain, 2017
sunlight filtering through the colorful stained glass windows of La Sagrada Familia, washing the interior in bright orange lightLa Sagrada Familia | Barcelona, Spain, 2017
a silhouette of a statue with a sea bird resting on its headStatue still | Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
ornately decorated buildings along a winding roadColorful buildings | Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
a bride and groom walking through Old Town SquareA wedding in Old Town Square | Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
four musicians play in Old Town SquareStreet music | Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
a person standing with a red umbrella in Old Town SquareOld Town Square | Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
a curving road in PragueA winding road | Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
a green copper statue of a lion with an angel sitting on its backGuardians | Berlin, Germany, 2017
a wooden fence covered in graffiti leading to a building in the distance, which is painted with a mural that reads, how soon is now?How Long is Now? | Berlin, Germany, 2017
the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, with the dome of the Reichstag visible in the distanceMemorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe | Berlin, Germany, 2017
a brick bridge spanning a narrow canalA Belgian canal | Bruges, Belgium, 2017
a candy shop washed in pink light from vibrant neon lights lining the ceilingA candy shop | Bruges, Belgium, 2017
a cobblestoned street lined with old brick buildings with pointed roovesA Cobblestoned street | Bruges, Belgium, 2017
Markt square with colorful narrow buildings in the backgroundMarkt | Bruges, Belgium, 2017
a building covered in ivy shoots, surrounding a statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus inset into the wallIvy | Bruges, Belgium, 2017
horses and carriages lined up in Burg Square, with the Bruges City Hall in the backgroundBurg Square | Bruges, Belgium, 2017
a vibrant orange sunsetA Dutch sunset | Well, Netherlands, 2017
a flock of pidgeons flying over a crowd in Dam SquareDam Square | Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
a bicycle leaning against a railing, on a bridge over an Amsterdam canalView of a canal | Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
a medieval brick building with red shutters and pointed roovesDe Waag | Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
pink and yellow tulips, with the Mauritshuis Museum visible in the backgroundThe Mauritshuis Museum | Den Haag, Netherlands, 2017
a centuries-old church with a pointed roofSint Nicolaas Church | Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2017
a line of bicycles along a canal with iconic narrow Dutch buildings in the backgroundBicycles | Utrecht, Netherlands, 2017
a vibrant orange sunset behind silhouetted treesWell at dusk | Well, Netherlands, 2017
a shadowed road winding past silhouettes of trees and a foggy field in the distanceFoggy morning | Well, Netherlands, 2017
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