PopPos Article: “Mental Health Benefits of Reading”

My latest article, “Mental Health Benefits of Reading,” is now live on the Popularly Positive website! I have loved books since childhood and, like many fellow avid readers, I’ve noticed the many positive effects that habitual reading can have on the mind. Books – especially fiction – can help to improve our mood, make us more empathetic, and relieve stress.

I decided to do some research on this topic and learn about the science behind the seemingly magical influence that books can have on our mental health. Reading offers a wide range of psychological benefits for readers of all ages. Various scientific studies have demonstrated that reading can boost self-esteem in children and teens; it can reduce depression and anxiety; and it can even delay the development of dementia as we grow older.

A lifelong habit of reading can have a lasting positive effect on our mental health. Learn more about this phenomenon in the full article. Happy reading!

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